Karen Ingram



Mistress of Ceremonies (MC) / Presenter / Host

There are times that call for the welcoming warmth and humour of an MC - special celebrations, community events and corporate functions. I'm an experienced trivia host and able to rev up or calm down a crowd as reading the room is my specialty.




'Absolutely amazing work as the MC at the staff party. Karen was funny, creative and highly innovative and very responsive to a number of requests and issues that arose. Thanks so much Karen!'


 the PUBCAST show


The Pubcast Show is a live recorded chat from a pub acclaimed by presenters, Maddy and Karen (and formerly Jason). For sixteen weeks during 2017 - 2018 The Pubcast Show was beamed into Facebook feeds worldwide by photographer to the stars Carbie Warbie, capturing Melbourne based talk on pub-stuff with pub people doing pub-like things.

The Pubcast Show harnesses the great things which connect pub-life everywhere - live music, good food, drinks of all kinds and plenty of banter. It’s not television, it’s The Pubcast Show.

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The Pubcast Show Facebook Page

Frida Freda

Photo credit: Katherine Souter

Photo credit: Katherine Souter

Inspired by revolutionaries Frida Kahlo and Freda McDonald (more commonly known as Josephine Baker) FridaFreda is a travelling online photography and fashion project that features contemporary and imagined superheroes created by the women and girls on this site. Part photography, part fashion, part interview and part performance, it is an archive of diverse voices, narratives and styles that document the powers of the women and girls from various cities around the world.


Cranky Pants


Cranky Pants was borne from exasperation and frustration with the political status quo and the irrepressible desire of a bunch of middle-aged-somethings to express or burst. Drawing upon their own lived experience through the angst-ridden punk era, Cranky Pants rank and file have matured to the point of re-birthing their misspent youth, transforming into rejuvenile behaviour bound to embarrass their adolescent offspring. Never let it be said that antsy-establishment sentiment cannot come from within the establishment itself; a bunch of white, privileged, middle-class
(wankers) ahem, rockers! We are Cranky Pants and we are stickin’ it to the man.

Cranky Pants Facebook Page

Cranky Pants VU Footscray Park.jpg

Cranky Pant debut rant
(Kindred Studios, yarraville)

What do you stand for?
(filmed at Bella Union, Trades Hall, Melbourne)



Interview in Mama Mag April 2015

Interview in Mama Mag April 2015

Oust the Louse

Oust the Louse