There is song in man
There is song in woman
And there is the child’s song.
When that song comes
There will be no words.
Do not ask where they are.
Just listen to the song.
Listen to it –
Learn it –
It is the greatest song of all
— Spike Milligan

Welcome to your world! May you always know kindness.

Allocate a special time to stop and marvel at the wonder of a new life. Acknowledge this young being with ritual, welcoming them to our world and your lives. Welcoming a baby to the world is a momentous occasion which can bring together your closest people to honour and wonder at this new beginning. Draw upon family traditions or create your own.

Are you taking on a new name and/or gender identity? Let us walk through a process in celebration of who you have become. Ideal for folks in the trans and GNC community.

All cultural backgrounds are respected.