Where am I going?
The high rooks call: “It’s awful fun to be born at all.”
Where am I going?
The ring-doves coo: “We do have beautiful things to do.”
— Spring Morning - A.A. Milne

Being a registered civil celebrant combines my passion and experiences with a belief in the importance of highlighting life’s milestones with ritual. I can support the acknowledgement of milestones such as; weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals, rites of passage, anniversaries, memorials and hearth-warmings.

New and old traditions can liberate and connect us, bringing meaning into the every day and the extraordinary through the expression of words, music and ritual.

Ceremonies give cause and reason to stop, connect and unite. They can be transformative.

They can honour the past, present and future, and our place in it.

I'm grateful we live in a place and a time where this recognition and celebration can draw upon the past and the people around us to create a meaningful ceremony which is not bound by one book or one teaching.