Cranky Pants


Cranky Pants was borne from exasperation and frustration with the political status quo and the irrepressible desire of a bunch of middle-aged-somethings to express or burst. Drawing upon their own lived experience through the angst-ridden punk era, Cranky Pants rank and file have matured to the point of re-birthing their misspent youth, transforming into rejuvenile behaviour bound to embarrass their adolescent offspring. Never let it be said that antsy-establishment sentiment cannot come from within the establishment itself; a bunch of white, privileged, middle-class
(wankers) ahem, rockers! We are Cranky Pants and we are stickin’ it to the man.

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Cranky Pants VU Footscray Park.jpg

Cranky Pant debut rant
(Kindred Studios, yarraville)

What do you stand for?
(filmed at Bella Union, Trades Hall, Melbourne)